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Individuals and Couples

 Individual and Couples Treatment

Our approach in providing assessments and treatment is to improve the lives of people we serve. 

There are many factors correlated with the development of mental illnesses: genetics, financial issues, social history, physical and emotional stress, trauma and grief, living under abusive conditions, and drug and alcohol abuse. They are disruptive to a person’s life in many aspects, effecting thinking processes, feelings, moods, social interactions, interpersonal communication, and daily functioning. 

People’s thresholds for coping with everyday stressors become diminished and basic tasks such as sleeping, eating, working, interacting appropriately with family and peers, and managing everyday activities becomes overwhelming. 

We are here to provide you with a full and complete assessment that enables you to develop a treatment plan that targets your areas of need and concern.  Treatment comes in many forms such as individual, couples, family and group.  It is an interactive and confidential process between the therapist and client with the intent to develop skills, information, education, coping mechanisms and understanding, and find solutions to your problems.